Modern Curtains in the nursery for boys and girls: Beautiful new items (175+ Photos)


Curtains in the nursery need to choose carefully, doing interior design, not forgetting about the comfort of the baby.


Why do we need curtains

Sometimes parents, engaged in the repair of the children's room, decide not to hang the curtains, so as not to clutter the room. Others generally consider them a "dust collector", from which you can only get harm. Curtains are an indispensable element of a child's room, which are important both for aesthetics of the room and for practical use:

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The window is the visual center of any room. Entering the room, we involuntarily first look around the window. That is why the curtains are an obligatory part of interior design. Every parent is ready to do everything for his baby so that he is comfortable and everything around him is beautiful. Especially it is worth paying attention to such a small matter as the choice of curtains.

Aesthetic finished type of children's room

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Usually for the child is allocated the brightest room, located on the south side of the house. The sun's rays are definitely needed for a child's room, but sometimes their overabundance can blind the eyes and bring other discomfort. Selected curtains will perfectly cope with the solution of this problem. Do not do without them and during the daytime sleep of the child, when for comfort it is necessary to ensure the absence of light. Especially useful in the nursery can be for those whose apartment is located on the first floor and passers-by now and then strive to look out the window.

Selected curtains in the nursery

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Optional Criteria

Each element of the interior of the children's room requires careful selection. Do not save time and curtains, buying at random. If you buy substandard, they will become a "dust collector" and will not bring any benefit. The main criteria for the selection of quality materials in the nursery are:

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Natural material

Decks at a young age sharply react to artificial, synthetic materials. Some are diagnosed with an allergy from birth, and it is not easy to understand how it appeared in a baby. Knowing this, loving parents are trying to protect their children from the toxic effects of synthetics. Children's allergists and other specialists say that flax, cotton and silk will be a safe material for curtains in the nursery. In addition to security, they will look beautiful and expensive.

Choose only natural fabrics for curtains

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It is not enough to choose natural fabric, it should be sewn so that it is easy to wash and clean it from dirt. To do this, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's tag, which specifies recommendations for washing and operation. For example, if it has the mark "It is forbidden to wash in the car", then such a curtain is unlikely to be practical, because it is very difficult to wash it with your hands.

Practicality and quality of material

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Mounting reliability

The task of parents in the design of the room - to arrange everything so that the child was safe. Therefore, to risk the health of the baby, buying low-quality cornice, definitely not worth it. Depending on the shape of the selected eaves, you need to choose the method of fastening the curtains.

Safe eaves and fastening

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Psychologists have long said that the color scheme of the environment in which a person spends time, greatly affects his emotional state, mood and psychological state. Especially it concerns a child whose psyche is just beginning to form. Therefore, the choice of curtains should be approached responsibly. It must be remembered that the color scheme of the whole room should look harmonious. It should take into account the peculiarities of the child's perception of each of them:

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When parents want their child to be cheerful and energetic, they should choose this color for curtains and room decoration. On the other hand, the red color is so bright that you need to be careful not to overdo it. So why not stop at the curtains? For example, if a room is decorated in beige tones, then the red ones will easily fit. If the child is too restless, then it is better not to experiment with red.

Bright room with red blotches


This color is close to red, but its characteristics are less aggressive. Therefore, if you want to apply a bright shade, but fear that it does not affect the child too violently, choose on orange.

Orange notes in the children's room


Experts say that this color is the most successful for the design of a child's room. The first association with yellow in almost every person is the sun. Therefore, to keep your child’s room bright, sunny and comfortable, buy a yellow color. Psychologists also say that this shade contributes to mental work, so for the success of a child from a young age, you can surround him with yellow.

Tune your child to mental work


If we talk about what color is suitable for restless children and those who suffer from psychological disabilities, it is green. It is associated with nature, which is associated with peace, tranquility, relaxation. When, if not in childhood, you can not think about anything, feeling great? Therefore, the green color of curtains in the nursery demonstrates the care of parents about the psychological needs of the child.

Green color for a rapprochement with nature


It is believed that the shades of lilac - a symbol of creative people. To develop in your child creative development from birth, use it in the interior. However, it is better to use only light tones of violet, since dark ones are associated with unpleasant sensations, for example, with loneliness, and the child will feel it keenly.

Lilac color for creative people

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The fact that this is the favorite color of girls, is known to all. Therefore, light shades of pink, like nothing else, will look great in the nursery of the girl. It is strictly forbidden to use them to design a nursery for boys, so as not to injure the psyche.

Pink color for beloved daughters

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For some reason, for many parents, the white color seems inappropriate when choosing curtains in the nursery. However, it can be beige can be an excellent combination between different interior items. They can be diluted with darker tones. It is impossible to make the whole room white, but it is appropriate to dilute bright colors with it.

Nude shades in the nursery

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Curtain Design

Monochrome in the nursery will look ridiculous. When making a room for a child, parents should understand that the official style of the living room or the relaxing interior of the bedroom has nothing to do with it. It is important for an adult to look solid and surround yourself with such things so as not to seem ridiculous in any way. In the case of a children's room, the more bright colors, the better.

Bright accents in the children's room

Modern look with the heroes of popular children's cartoons. Of course, finding the right option may not be easy, so many people decide to sew to order by choosing the right fabric. In this case, it is easy to fit and suitable design, and size.

Favorite cartoon characters in the nursery

Stylish look in the style of amber. Ambre is a smooth transition between shades. For example, the top of the curtains can be dark green and the bottom white. Between them there will be a smooth transition from dark green to green, to dark green, light green, light green, and so on to white. The amber technique has been popular for the last few years and is suitable for the design of any room. Curtains made by her will look stylish and modern.

Ombre curtains

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It is not necessary to buy with a pattern or pattern in order to decorate a room brightly. If, due to circumstances, you have plain curtains, then there are two options for how you can diversify their design so that they fit well:

  • use the other attributes of the interior multi-colored;
  • to decorate the existing plain curtains.

Jewelery for plain curtains

You can decorate the curtains in the nursery by yourself, using available tools or buying special decorations. In the shops you can buy butterflies, flowers or other figures, for example, from a brilliant multi-colored fabric. Basically they are designed for mounting on a pin. You can also find and figures in the form of cartoon characters. If there is no opportunity to purchase such jewelry, you can do it yourself:

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From cardboard

This method of dyeing is the easiest and cheapest. All you need is to simply cut out different patterns from a multi-colored cardboard according to a pattern and attach them to the curtain with the help of pins. They should not be large in size so as not to wrinkle and tear.

Colored cardboard butterflies

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This option for the curtains in the nursery will appeal to needlewomen who like to please their loved ones with their own handicrafts. Some women think that embroidery is not for them.

In fact, it is during pregnancy and the postpartum period that a woman gets the time that she can devote to self-realization. Doing embroidery is a great idea for such moms. It is not necessary to master complex technologies. You can limit yourself to cross-stitch embroidery, schemes and tips for which it is easy to find on the Internet.

Embroidered fragments on the curtains

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From scrap materials

If you carefully search, then in each house there is material that has not been used for years, which can be used to decorate curtains in the nursery. For example, many have a container with buttons of different sizes. Since Soviet times, women do not throw away buttons, but leave them in case of “what if it comes in handy.”

Perhaps the decoration of curtains in the nursery is exactly the case. String buttons can be on a fishing line or thread and attach to the eaves. The more buttons will be, and the more colors in them will be combined, the brighter will be the design.

Interior elements decorated with buttons

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Curtains, blinds, tulle

To complement the blinds with tulle is a classic version of window decor. Besides the fact that it looks beautiful, it is also practical. After all, if a strong sun is shining through the window, then you can close the dense ones, and if the sun's rays interfere a bit, then you can install tulle.

The combination of tulle and blinds in the interior

Tulle is useful because it prevents the curiosity of passers-by. Even transparent material, which seems not to protect at all, can be a means of protection from street views.

Transparent sight protection

Blinds are an opportunity to replace the bored rag curtains with a more modern curtain design. Proponents of the classics say they are suitable for office decoration. Such people simply could not see how colorful and stylish blinds for children's rooms can be.

Stylish window protection

Blinds are vertical or horizontal, in terms of functionality, both options are practical. Their design can make a real fairy tale out of a normal children's room.

If you use the latest models that open and close by pressing the button, this will ensure the safety and ease of adjusting the lighting in the baby’s room. Return to the menu

For older children

The older the child becomes, the more design changes will be required. And you will need not only to buy the necessary furniture: a desk, chair, etc. The design of the curtains will also have to be updated.

Changing the decor in the teenage room

If the curtains were made in an obviously childish style, for example, with a print of cartoon characters, then they will need to be completely replaced. If the decor was made personally, for example, stickers of colored cardboard, then it will need to be removed. Ornaments such as bows, flowers, cars, will also be unnecessary over time, and they will need to be removed.

Fundamental changes in the children's room

For children aged 5 years and older, such a design of curtains will be required, which will correspond to their maturation. With the achievement of school age, you can forget about all sorts of small decorations and gradually move to the official style. The classic design of curtains, for example, made in the style of amber, will still be relevant, as they are suitable for both children and adults.

Ombre curtains for all ages

When a child grows up, he voiced wishes about the appearance of his room. To make him comfortable, parents should take them into account when choosing curtains and other elements of the interior.