How to sew curtains for the kitchen (short, balcony, Roman) do-it-yourself + 70 stylish new products PHOTOS of ideas for design 2018-2019 + Reviews


Planning changes in the kitchen, without requiring expensive investments? This can be done by replacing the curtains in the kitchen. They will help to “refresh” the interior, emphasize its integrity or, on the contrary, will become a bright accent. To embody the most original and stylish ideas, make curtains with your own hands. Then not just beautiful accessories, but completely unique curtains are painted on your windows.

Content of this article:

  • Style selection
  • Comfortable colors
  • Fresh ideas for curtain design in the kitchen
  • Start Tips
  • 6 ways to dress up the kitchen window
  • Bamboo shutters
  • Cafe Curtains
  • Roman motive
  • Valances on the windows
  • Blinds shutters
  • No curtains
  • Master class kitchen curtains with lambrequin
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Important points
  • Valances on the windows
  • Variants of valleys
  • TOP-5 trend styles in the interior and curtains for them in 2019-2020
  • VIDEO: Sewing curtains with your own hands
  • GALLERY: More than 70 PHOTO stylish curtain solutions
  • Style selection
  • Comfortable colors
  • Fresh ideas for curtain design in the kitchen
  • Start Tips
  • 6 ways to dress up the kitchen window
  • Master class kitchen curtains with lambrequin
  • Valances on the windows
  • TOP-5 trend styles in the interior and curtains for them in 2019-2020
  • GALLERY: More than 70 PHOTO stylish curtain solutions
  • Style selection

    Kitchen curtains will make any kitchen feel comfortable

    Inspiring kitchen curtains can not only bring a sense of peace to the kitchen, but also control the amount of sun. All you need is to choose the thickness, structure of the fabric, depending on whether you want the kitchen to be sunny or shady.

    The style of the chosen curtains makes you stick to the general theme.

    If the kitchen is on the sunny side, you have white walls, you can choose thick curtains with wide stripes and geometric patterns.

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    Comfortable colors

    Colored kitchen curtains attract their contrast

    For the kitchen, made in bright colors, you can either go to the contrasting colored kitchen curtains, or not to experiment, and choose curtains to match.

    White walls increase space visually.

    Small kitchens look great with bright curtains in floral or fruit tones.
    To make the room sunny and well lit, choose white curtains with or without patterns.

    Pay attention to the walls when you change curtains. With light walls, you can go for shaded curtains with beautiful patterns.

    Curtains can be without patterns

    You can create interesting variations with transparent, subtle textures. Leave the base curtain white or close to white so as not to obstruct the sunlight.

    In any case, you will need some fresh ideas that are prepared for you.

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    Fresh ideas for curtain design in the kitchen

    The shape of the curtain affects the visual perception of space

    Curtains for kitchen windows can be of different shapes, but serve as one of the easiest ways of visual impact on the kitchen.

    Achieve maximum harmonious effect is possible not only with expensive curtains

    Conventional curtains as window coverings can work for almost any style or size of window, they do not have to be expensive to look beautiful.

    Curtains, drapes, roll fabrics are just a few varieties of seemingly endless window coverings.

    Revive the interior with a bright print.

    Think about changing the structure, tone, perhaps add an interesting print to revive the interior. Choose neutral fabric or material of a landed color if you want modern or modern look.

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    Start Tips

    • If privacy is important to you, study the materials with a shielding effect that allow you to see the street, let the daylight in, but at the same time block the view from the outside.
    • Consider cafeteria curtains, roman motifs and woven roller blinds using translucent or woven materials.
    • When confidentiality is not a problem, a simple swag made of cloth draped over one window can also make a statement. In any case, it will be a good opportunity to show their individuality.

    Good opportunity to show a sense of style.

    • If you have large or non-standard windows, then the curtains to the floor fit here, have the possibility of a full-color pattern when framing a large bay window or French doors.
    • The fabric canopy will be the accent you want to demonstrate above the windows.
    • Asymmetrical inserts can balance offset windows and give the kitchen a more modern sound.

    Light colors make the kitchen more spacious.

    If your kitchen is especially small, then bright, cool colors can make it more spacious and bright. Dark, warm colors will make the oversized kitchen more balanced. Geometric patterns or asymmetrical style can create a tremendous visual impact. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    6 ways to dress up the kitchen window

    A few more ideas that will help you navigate the latest trends, as well as the fashion for kitchen curtains.

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    Bamboo shutters

    Bamboo has long been a multifunctional natural resource in the East. Today there are even houses that include bamboo element in the decor for partitions, walls, flooring, even toys are made of bamboo.

    The classic version of the design of the kitchen

    Bamboo curtains today flooded almost all the houses in Europe and got to us. And not without reason, since they are stylish, inexpensive, easy to find, they are easy to install and add incredible visual texture and warmth to any space.

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    Cafe Curtains

    Another simple idea for the design of the kitchen window. They arose in Vienna in the 1800s in street cafeswhere they became a symbol of ease inside the institution.

    Cafe curtains will add to your interior comfort and idyll

    Cafe Curtains - a great way to add a little style and privacy, while not interfering with natural lighting - since this type of window covering is located in the middle of the window.

    Simple versions can be found with a small online search or you can customize them from any fabric. They can be hung either with ribbons or garters, or with ordinary clips for curtains.

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    Roman motive

    The original Roman blinds were invented in Rome to keep all the hot and dry street dust inside when visitors enter the house.

    Small curtains are very practical

    But soon the trend changed and women began to use them as a symbol of status and wealth. Like cafe-curtains, Roman shades give a ton of personality and can look appropriate in different interiors.

    Half-window fashion trend

    You can make roman blinds yourself by simply tying up your usual curtains in a certain way - not on the sides, but from the top down, using 4 or more gartersthat attach to the eaves.

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    Valances on the windows

    They are located at the top level of the window and do not close the view. Give the necessary animation and mood, but not to the detriment of natural light.

    Minimalism and lightness - successful design

    Of course, they will not work if you need privacy, but they accurately express your style. About them below in more detail.

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    Blinds shutters

    Light or dark, the shutters give a classic look to kitchen windows and look equally attractive as in cozy kitchens. in cottage style, and in traditional.

    Blinds will not spoil the overall impression.

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    No curtains

    A growing trend in kitchen design is that the windows and the natural light they bring attract attention and have no processing whatsoever.

    Option without curtains also looks advantageous

    These trends determine the appearance and appearance of kitchens in most European countries and are just beginning to penetrate into Russia. However, the simplicity and accessibility of these solutions should interest you.

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    Master class kitchen curtains with lambrequin

    No matter how much the most valuable advice is listed, of course, a personal example and step-by-step tutorial is more practical.

    A bit of fantasy and get a gorgeous look.

    Therefore, I will tell you how the curtains were made for my kitchen. This is quite a stylistic decision with a pelmet for our continent.

    You will need two pieces of fabric, one of which should have a translucent light texture, perhaps with a delicate pattern, and the other, on the contrary, bright.

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    Step-by-step instruction

    I always start with the treatment of seams, the field of how I measure the desired size, which is equal to three times the width of the window.

    I processed the side edges of the material in the fold (an inexperienced seamstress can iron or plan future stitches, while the craftsmen can turn the fabric right while sewing). Bottom sheathe oblique bake to match the future lambrequin.

    Kitchen curtains can be easily folded

    Then she took the fabric for the main curtain and bent the top edge, sticking a special assembly tape to it. I just pulled the curtain and hung the finished curtain on the eaves.

    For the lambrequin, I used a cut of bright dense material, the dimensions of which were 1.5 × 1.5 m. For sewing the center, you need 2 strips of fabric of 27 cm each.

    I laid them in uniform folds in the center so that the finished product was 93 cm.

    The folds should be laid from the edges to the center so that in the middle of the lambrequin they meet and hide the seam underneath.

    Dark design option obliges to pick up the curtains to match

    Then I proceeded to the side portions. I had a cut of material measuring 1.5 × 1.0 m. I needed to reduce it to 75 cm on one side and 35 cm on the other. I folded the fabric along the marks, cut it into two parts with a diagonal direction of 75 and 35 cm, respectively.

    Now it was the turn of the folds for the lambrequins - in order to make them even, I ironed the fabric, creating the size I needed, the number of folds in the direction from the center. In the end, I got half of the lambrequins 65 cm wide.

    She connected the side elements with the central ones (the thickness of the folds should be the same in both parts in order to get a neat design).

    The resulting lambrequin was 2.15 m, I cut its edges with an oblique inlay, and attached satin ribbon to the upper edge of the inside.

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    Important points

    To correctly calculate the length of the lambrequin, I used the fact that each fold of it suggests a 3-fold increase in length.

    The main thing to choose the type and structure of the curtains

    Thus, if I made folds of 5 cm, then I needed 15 cm of fabric for each fold.

    Unusual view of the window in the kitchen with minor decorations

    Consequently, the initial width of the material for curtains should be calculated with a 3-fold margin with a minimum calculation.

    I chose a denser fabric for lambrequins, as I prefer more accurate folds, deep folds, while organza or other thin fabric will make the finished work more airy, will have light folds.

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    Valances on the windows

    Are you looking for some quick ways to brush up on your kitchen without making too many changes? Consider adding goggles to windows.

    Independent design option can be so

    Here are some ways for self-design windows using valances.

    Valances are a popular idea to decorate a kitchen window in cases where the curtain to the floor in the room is inappropriate or impractical. They cover only the upper part of the window, usually about 45 cm in height.

    They are made of fabric and are available in countless styles.

    A little imagination and we get a bright result.

    Valves can be mounted on boards, curtain rods, or a conventional rail and can be used with or without a panel.

    There are many options for valorization, which may include a combination of existing processing methods, traditional designs or creating your own. Form, style here is limited only by your budget.

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    Variants of valleys

    Valances may have both decorative as well as functional advantages: they can make a window larger than it really is, hide the defects of a wall, or easily connect architectural elements.

    Spacious kitchen with classic curtains

    There are several specific things to keep in mind, such as the height, width of the windows on which you intend to place them:

    • How do you want to add or change the shape of your window with the help of valances?
    • Will they have a sequel on the wall?
    • Are there any obstacles in the way, such as casting on top of kitchen cabinets or other fixed objects?
    • How much are you going to back away from the window on each side?

    Double curtains can be in different colors

    The answer to several questions will help you visualize the result, as well as help to correctly measure the window.

    • The height of the product, I remind you that such window decoration as a glade should not exceed 50 cm, but usually it is made shorter.
    • Cut the required width of the fabric equal to 3 times the width of the window and process it using an oblique beech method (you will need more fabric if you continue the decor on the wall - just multiply by 3 the planned length of the product to choose the right size of fabric).
    • Sew a special tape to the top edge of the attachment to the eaves.
    • Hang the finished valance on the window.

    When choosing is worth paying attention not material strength

    You can use a semicircular, straight or triangular shape for valances. Choose durable materials as the most practical choice for the kitchen.

    The material for kitchen windows is important in how it can be cleaned and for how long it will maintain a neat look.

    View of the curtains, where there is always a lot of light

    For the most individual effect, choose materials that express your lifestyle: fabric, texture, color and style.

    If you are not sure about color combinations, patterns and overall design, this option can easily be made to order.

    But you can make your own. Individual window design can combine the use of virtually any accessories or decorations that will give the window uniqueness.

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    TOP-5 trend styles in the interior and curtains for them in 2019-2020

    1 Scandinavian. Roman or Japanese models, plain drapes.

    Calm Scandinavian style

    2Loft. Tulle and blinds. Avoid heavy curtains.

    Cheeky and stylish loft

    3 High-tech. Straight, plain curtains of thin natural material of light shades. Metal cornice. Curtain ropes are allowed.

    Modern and Unusual Hi-Tech

    4Provence. Light cotton or linen curtains in light shades (pink, beige, blue). Floral print is allowed. Eaves with decorative elements.

    Sweet and warm Provence

    5 Minimalism. Japanese or Roman separate curtains. You can add a transparent tulle.

    Laconic minimalism

    Pattern Italian curtains

    Pattern for curtains "Hourglass"

    Pattern swag rolling in de jabot

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    VIDEO: Sewing curtains with your own hands