Modern Straight and Narrow sofas with a sleeping place from "A" to "Z" (175+ Photos in the kitchen and in the living room)


Old angular Soviet ottomans, with obligatory attributes - faded plush pads and cheap carpets hanging sadly on the walls, are long gone. Today the most popular are direct sofas with a sleeping place. More details about everything later in the article.

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  • Sofa world
  • Versatile straight sofas
  • Varieties
  • Ottoman and popular styles. Living rooms
  • Features of folding mechanisms
  • Fillers
  • Spring Block Designs
  • Independent spring blocks
  • Structures without spring blocks
  • Sheathing
  • VIDEO: Recommendations for choosing a sofa
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Sofa world
  • Versatile straight sofas
  • Varieties
  • Features of folding mechanisms
  • Fillers
  • Sheathing
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Sofa world

    The sofa bed is not only part of the interior of the bedroom, room, office, and sometimes the kitchen. This is, first of all, an ottoman, which is needed in order to use it for its intended purpose. However, if the purchase of furniture does not take into account the style of the room, then a new purchase may look inappropriate. A colorful sofa in a strict office, this is clearly a bust, as well as a brutal one - made of genuine leather on rosewood legs - in the children's room.

    Leather sofa in beige color

    An infinite variety of different types, colors, styles and design features can confuse anyone who plans to update the “sofa park” in their apartments.

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    Versatile straight sofas

    In addition to the considered direct there are several types of sofas, it is worth a few words to say about them. For example, corner furniture is good because it takes a little less space in the room. However, there may be difficulties in redevelopment, - for a future purchase, you simply may not find a suitable angle in the apartment. Or it may not fit in width, there may be other problems. And to transport the corner sofa, even within the apartment, you have to almost completely disassemble it.

    Island sofas and sofa complexes occupy a significant area of ​​rooms. They are suitable only for roomy apartments. And if you consider that island kits are usually placed in the middle of the room, it can scare away even the owners of large housing.

    If there are few rooms - one - two, no matter how large they are, using the "sofa islands" you can easily clutter up the apartment.

    A small product will take up very little space.

    Straight sofas are installed almost anywhere, especially since the choice of various sizes and dimensions is huge. There are many varieties by style, by cladding materials, by folding method, by number of places, double, three-bedroom, whatever and for anyone. That is why they are so popular.

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    I would start the classification of direct sofas by their size. After all, if a decision is made to purchase, it is clear where the acquired furniture will be. And how much space is required for its installation.

    BoardWhen visiting the store, note that in a large salon, even large items may seem smaller than they really are. Be sure to use a tape measure for more accurate measurements. It will be very offensive if the purchase does not fit where you planned to place it.

    It will be appropriate to purchase a long straight sofa for the living room.

    The main types of sofas:
    • Long straight.
    • Large with a big berth.
    • Narrow sofas. Ottoman for the kitchen.
    It will be appropriate to get a long straight sofa for the living room, because the more your friends and your loved ones fit on the sofa, the more fun it will be.

    Large sizes and a roomy bed will not be superfluous if the couch will be in your bedroom.

    A narrow middle-sized sofas are good for installation in the kitchen or in other cases of shortage of apartment space. For example, in popular studio apartments. This category can be ranked small children's and teenage sofas. The main difference of furniture for kids can be a bright coloring of the skin and the absence of sharp corners that could hurt the child.

    Bright skin color and no sharp corners

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    Ottoman and popular styles. Living rooms

    Direct living room kits should create coziness indoors. Therefore, when choosing, it would be good to think of a combination of the style of your living room, the furniture already standing and the future sofa. You may have to perform some permutations in the room in order to make room for the sofa you like.

    Sometimes it would be good to make a number of changes: remove some of the furniture, or add something that emphasizes the style of the room and complements the new piece of furniture. It can be a small coffee table next to the sofa, a picture or a reproduction on the wall or even a small rug, the main thing is to achieve harmony of the whole complex.

    And in some cases there is a reason to completely change the style of the interior, if the model that you have chosen will break out of it.

    Classic style living room

    The classic style of the living room will require matching the appearance of the purchased item with the existing pieces of furniture. An appropriate option would be a neutral-looking, straight sofa made of high-quality materials, preferably made of genuine leather or high-quality leatherette.

    The presence of decorative elements in performance will look good.
    Style "Provence" will require a simple, cozy ottoman, preferably light colors. Upholstery possible cloth, but of high quality. The decoration may not have any decorative elements, but must fit into the room's decor. Modern - if you stick to this style, you will have to select a piece of furniture with smooth shapes, preferably with an unusual design. The originality of the sofa and, at the same time, its harmonious entry into the common living room ensemble will create a favorable effect. I would recommend leather trim in medium and light colors.

    Direct living room kits should create a coziness indoors.

    Minimalistic design has a tendency to the absence of unnecessary bends in the lines of furniture, rigor and formality. At the same time, there should be a certain correspondence of color tones throughout the living room.
    Usually this style is preferred by people who are not accustomed to being distracted by surrounding objects.
    If you are a supporter of the popular Hi-Tech style, then you will be interested in functional furniture with storage compartments. Externally, the style is close to minimalism and a straight sofa of neutral colors of leatherette will be a strong option. After all, simplicity and practicality are most important. Country is considered a "masculine" style;

    Minimalistic design

    Art Deco style, for people who value external elegance. Well, and furniture must comply. Willy-nilly will have to focus on the top level. You can consider exclusive models of precious wood, often it is handmade artwork with carved armrests and expensive plating, sometimes furniture can be made to order, or there is the possibility of changing the finished modifications.

    In this category there are options for choosing grades of fabric or leather (many well-known European companies offer dozens of types of finishing materials). There are even companies that sell sofas for dogs and cats from solid oak with velvet trim. True, these fun furniture is not equipped with a double folding bed.

    Provence style

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    Features of folding mechanisms

    It is obvious that the presence of a berth increases the area that the ottoman will occupy in the unfolded state. In some cases, installation at some distance from the wall is required. This is due to the features of the mechanism of the layout of the sofa in the "bed" position.

    There are several options for folding the sofa:
    • Book or Clickklak.
    • Cots American and French.
    • Mechanism accordion.
    • Roll-out systems.

    Loft style in the living room

    "Book" - the most common option.

    It is the most simple and reliable. The transformation into a bed is really done - “with one easy movement of the hands” - even children can unfold the sofa without any particular difficulties. In the lower part of the sofa can be located a box for storing personal items or linen. The negative side of this mechanism is that the furniture of some models must be moved each time it is laid out.

    Clickklak - more improved and facilitated by the French version of the "book".

    In this system, the back can be installed in the normal position, at an angle of 45 degrees and in the position of the clamshell. The frame for the most part - from a light metal profile. Very often there are models with removable covers, which is very practical.

    Beautiful and stylish product in lilac color

    Modification "evroknizhka" - differs in that the panel of seats moves forward, and the panel of a back lays down on its place.

    The result is a fairly roomy bed. However, when folded, the width of the seats may seem excessively large for short people, they will be uncomfortable to sit, which must be taken into account.

    French clamshell - the main principle - the triple addition of panels.

    It is worth recommending such sofas for those who will not lay them out daily. For example, when buying furniture in the guest room. The fact is that in order to unfold the sofa it will be necessary to remove some of the elements from it every time. In addition, the surface of the bed prepared for bed will not be too smooth.

    Boxes for linen in these models are absent, because the folded bed panels occupy all the space under the seats. Another - one feature of such sofas is the short life of mechanics.

    Bright and cozy living room

    American clamshell (Sedaflex) - a more practical system.

    Good for daily use. It uses a double mechanism, not a triple addition, as in the French version. It is more robust in construction and relatively simple model. However, one of the diseases of the French folding bed remains - an uneven surface after transformation into a berth.

    Sofas accordions, undoubtedly, will interest owners of small premises.

    The fact is that even if the bed in the unfolded state is very wide, in the folded state, this sofa occupies a minimum of room space. At the same time, the presence of boxes for linen and personal belongings is either in the configuration or it can be installed as an additional option. The design is very tenacious, the mechanism moves apart according to the principle of an accordion.

    Bright sofa like a highlight of the room

    Roll-out mechanism - the most reliable of all types with a sleeping bag. The lower unit of the sofa simply extends forward on wheels. However, some may not like the position of the bed too low, but its area is usually large. One of the negative aspects of this layout system is the potential threat to the floor from the side of the wheels for long-term use. Laminate or parquet can simply push.

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    Our comfort depends on what we sleep on. From what we breathe - our health. This is especially true for allergies. Cheap soft furniture fillers are unsafe for health. Therefore, being interested in the sofas of little-known manufacturers, especially cheap models, it would not be superfluous to ask the seller what was used for stuffing.

    Cheap soft furniture fillers are unsafe for health

    At the moment there are two basic types of filling on the design: with the block of springs and without it.

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    Spring Block Designs

    Spring blocks can be in the form of bonnels - that is, separate springs are interconnected. The curvature under the load of one spring bends the neighboring ones. The average diameter of the springs is about 10 cm, about 100 springs are in each square meter.

    It is worth considering that the smaller the diameter of the springs and the larger their number per unit area, the better the orthopedic properties of the bonnells. Springs are often covered with a layer of horsehair, polyurethane foam, and sometimes - coconut coir. The hardness of the seats and backs will depend on such coatings. The presence of a steel frame will help keep the shape longer. Return to the menu

    Independent spring blocks

    The springs, twisted in the form of cylinders, are sheathed each in a rag cover. With this method, they do not touch each other and do not emit any noise. Springs with a diameter of about 5-6 cm are 250 pieces per square meter. Since each of the springs is compressed independently, this creates greater comfort for the wearer, his body weight puts pressure on the bed area evenly.

    However, in the manufacture of sofas used infrequently.

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    Structures without spring blocks

    Can be divided by the rigidity of the performance - respectively: soft and hard.

    Polyurethane foam from blocks - in common people they are called sandwiches, these are thick sheets of different density. In furniture workshops, appropriate parts are cut out of them — the back, the seats, and then sheathed with various materials.

    There are technologies for the use of molded polyurethane foam. Liquid polyurethane foam is poured into pre-cooked forms - pillows, backs and get finished products, it remains only to take care of plating. Casting has qualitative forms that cannot be obtained with other methods, however, a crust is present on the surface of cast elements due to heating at the moment of pouring into the molds. This dense layer of polyurethane foam almost does not allow air and is able to create a greenhouse effect.

    White color never goes out of fashion

    In light of the PUF will crumble, so the fabric, which are covered with elements of the PUF, must be opaque.

    There are PUF of various density. The more dense the material of this type of stuffing is, the longer the sofa will last. Low density PU foam can be useful only on decorative pads. By the way, packing parameters must be specified in the passport.
    Polystyrene balls - this type of filler is similar to crushed foam in the form of small balls.

    Although such a filler is very comfortable for the person sitting, it is quickly pressed and it may be necessary to fill it up. Therefore, it is most often used in bean bags.

    Sintepon is one of the cheapest types.. It consists of polyester fibers, similar to a thick fabric. The biggest disadvantage is that it keeps its shape poorly and eventually collapses. Often used in conjunction with other types of packings, as the last layer.

    Creative product

    Due to the lack of certain standards for the production of sintepon, and using recycled materials during its creation, such packings can be harmful to health.

    Sintepukh - in appearance it resembles natural down; in production it is obtained as a result of polyester and silicone processing. It is very voluminous and soft, often used to create armrests and pillows. Excellent keeps its shape and does not collect in itself fungi and other microorganisms.

    Comforel - particles-balls of synthetic nature, obtained from polyester.

    There are in stuffing cushions of sofas, cushioned ottomans.

    Elegance in beige color

    Durafil is also a synthetic material. It is made in such a way that the upper layer - the fibers, as if grow out of the lower layer - the base. As a result, the packing is more elastic and keeps its shape well. Does not absorb moisture, practically does not burn, does not save bacteria and microorganisms.

    Periotek - resembles a large thick blanket. It is made of both natural raw materials (cotton, wool) and polyester. Therefore, the density of the packing will be different, as well as the rigidity of the sofas.

    Holofiber is a brainchild of Russian scientists, used since 2004. Material properties are unique, the price is quite low, so it gradually replaces many other similar materials. Synthetic fibers are twisted so that the result is a material with a huge number of internal microcavities, while having a fairly uniform structure.

    Good shape and warmth. Does not absorb moisture or odors, is not afraid of sunlight, does not collect microorganisms, easily restores the shape.

    Convenient option to read a book with a cup of coffee

    In the manufacture of upholstered furniture is used everywhere.

    Natural latex - produced from the juice of Brazilian hevea and other types of rubber trees. During vulcanization, material with millions of microcavities is obtained. This material is remarkable for its absolute environmental friendliness, never cause allergies.

    The only negative is its high cost. Therefore, it is found in the depths of the top models.

    Foam rubber - old, kind, - the cheapest material. This is perhaps one of the few virtues. Over time, mines, rolls, especially - if used in the manufacture of seats in the form of pieces.

    BoardTherefore, it is better to choose upholstered furniture, which uses solid pieces of foam rubber.In some models, foam rubber is laid as an additional material.

    Living room of a stylish country house

    As a result, we can recognize that there is no universal material for stuffing a sofa. It all depends on the purpose of the acquisition. If you need a sofa for sleeping, more precisely - for daily use, then stuffing of spring blocks, holofiber or foam is preferable. And the springs are considered very durable - up to 10 years. And independent spring blocks are also very comfortable for sleeping.

    Hollofiber will last 5 - 10 years. In terms of convenience is also good. In the same category there is also PPU, on service life and on convenience.
    The outsider is foam rubber, serves on average up to 5 years.

    However, if the sofa will be used extremely rarely (as intended), then almost any material will do.

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    Genuine leather is the most practical and expensive option. It makes sense to choose this design, if it is combined with the style of your rooms. The skin is applied to different types of textures:

    • glossy;
    • matte;
    • with printed images;
    • ornaments.

    On the one hand, a sofa made of genuine leather looks solid, does not require constant care and is very durable. However, it is worth considering that even very high-quality skin over time cracks and abrades. A budget skin has a much shorter service life. About the cost of furniture made of genuine leather does not even make sense to talk.

    Genuine leather is the most practical and expensive option.

    Cotton is a natural and, therefore, environmentally friendly type of upholstered furniture design. It should be used for the furniture of children's rooms. Moreover, such a disadvantage as fast wear and loss of color by the material, as a rule, will not be relevant in this case. The child will grow up, the new sofa will be bought.

    In any case, furniture will serve for 5-6 years, and new fabric impregnations, which are sometimes used by manufacturers, can extend the service life to 7-8 years.

    Jacquard is a beautiful and durable material. It is a little subject to attrition, the sunlight too will not do it harm. A variety of colors and texture patterns (sometimes using silver and gold threads) makes this material particularly attractive.

    Flock is a magic mixture of synthetics and organic cotton (65 to 35 percent). It feels like velvet. Many manufacturers consider this material to be one of the best, especially since the abundance of colors is not less than that of Jacquard. And the owners speak very flatteringly about him: beauty, durability, very high resistance (even to mechanical damage). Easy to maintain, clean. Does not fade in the sun.

    Cotton is a natural and environmentally friendly type of upholstered furniture design.

    A small minus is considered a high degree of absorption of odors, so you should not use it on kitchen furniture.

    Chenille - this material is also very common for the decoration of upholstered furniture and is also a hybrid of synthetics and natural fibers. Thick and soft nap causes pleasant sensations, as well as the appearance of the upholstery. Conducted special tests show that for resistance to abrasion - this is one of the champions, withstands about 70 million contacts (touches), which can be compared with a period of about 50 years of operation! To care for the material will need only a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth (or sponge).

    Silk - modern furniture makers rarely use natural silk as a material for furniture upholstery. Such a finish can be found on expensive, elite copies or custom models. Despite the outward elegance, natural silk is very durable. And while it is favorable from the point of view of environmental cleanliness, does not cause allergies, antistatic (does not accumulate electrical charges, like wool).

    At the same time, smooth silk is very pleasant to the touch and beautiful in appearance. There is no need to talk about the abundance of colors, the centuries-old technologies for creating silk fabrics provide unlimited possibilities for creating any patterns and designs.

    Jacquard - a beautiful and durable material

    Tapestry - one of the most time-tested materials for upholstery, was used by craftsmen in the Middle Ages.

    However, modern tapestry is made with the addition of synthetics, which increases its durability and tensile strength. Cotton will be at least 40% and up to 80%. As a rule, fabrics are treated with special impregnations.

    A lot of different colors, images on fabrics, even entire plots. Unfortunately, the tapestry is prone to fading under the influence of sunlight, so the sofa, sheathed by him, it is best to put as far as possible from the windows. This only drawback is offset by the effect of luxury material that can be used, for example, for the modern style.

    Velor beige sofa

    Arpatek is a fairly simple material that was created for covering the seats of cars. Therefore, it is quite versatile and resistant to abrasion. The structure is more like a thin natural skin. The material is durable, not afraid of sunlight, holds color well, does not stick to the body. It is made of viscose, cotton and polyurethane, and therefore moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

    Such a finish can be found on expensive, elite copies.

    Experts advise when choosing upholstery material to consider how the sofa will be used. With frequent use and folding, it is recommended to buy furniture with a high content of synthetics in the casing, since such materials are more durable and resistant to abrasion.

    For children's rooms suitable furniture with natural skinning, which will not be difficult to clean and maintain. This may be shenill cotton.

    The living room requires stylish furniture, taking into account the decor of the room

    The living room requires stylish furniture, taking into account the decor of the room. At the same time, the furniture should be practical and as durable as possible.

    Flock, leatherette and arpatek here will be very helpful if you can pick up a quality-made sample.

    The sofa is an acquisition that stays with you for a long time.

    And to install the sofa in the office or hall, it makes sense to consider the option of installing furniture made of genuine leather, here the appearance will play a key role. In addition to the upholstery should be quality and armrests and legs. There are many top models with carved elements from valuable sorts of wood and leather trim.. Such models are offered not only by world-famous European brand manufacturers, such as Halo est. 1976, but also quite good Russian, Belarusian manufacturers, for example, Pinskdrev.

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