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Often families complain about closeness in apartments. However, they do not notice the great ideas. The balcony can be altered not only as a corner for relaxation, a terrace or a tea area. From it you can make an office, a dining room, a place for doing sports, a library.


  • Tips and general recommendations
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  • Tips and general recommendations

    Great ideas to translate

    In some situations, using it increases the area of ​​the bedroom, living room or kitchen.

    The option of combining two rooms

    It is very important to decide at the very beginning: the beautification of the balcony will be decorative (the structure remains open, and the facade is sheathed with finishing materials) or constructive works related to glazing and insulation will be required. The choice depends on the intended purpose of the structure and preferences. For example, if you plan to rest only in the warm season - it is not necessary to warm it.

    Choose an appointment

    When creating an interior, you can adjust the design for the main room. Then the finishing materials and style in the design of the space should be identical. Or you can go the other way, turning into a bright accent, eye-catching, but not violating the overall concept.

    Bright accent in design

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    Top 5 rules when choosing

    1 Small narrow spaces cannot be overloaded with decorative parts or furniture. 2 Open balconies should be repaired with moisture-resistant, heat-resistant materials that can withstand the negative effects of atmospheric precipitation. 3 You can create an interior using a large amount of materials inside closed, warmed structures. Going from paper wallpaper, finishing with decorative plaster and imitation of artificial stone. 4.Working with the main color for the walls, give preference to light, monochrome tones. So that the interior does not look too boring, add bright accents. 5 Proper expansion of the balcony will help competent lighting. So, spotlights are considered the best choice. Large chandeliers and lamps only spoil the positive impression of the interior.

    Choosing light, monochrome colors

    Choosing finishes, consider the allowable load. For the cantilever, the allowable weight is about 1170 kg. For loggias and side balconies, the permissible load should not exceed 1766 kg.

    Do not overload the structure with unnecessary elements.

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    Open design

    A balcony with such a design is constantly exposed to the negative influence of the environment, so you need to pick up materials for its design. If we talk about flooring, the most good option is a concrete screed, on top of which the main flooring is laid.

    Open type

    When arranging the floor, you can use different materials:

    1Ceramic tiles are durable and resistant to effects. However, when selecting it for the interior, it is necessary to pay attention to such characteristics as frost resistance, moisture absorption coefficient. It is also important that the tile had a rough surface, and also did not create an excessive load on the structure.

    Ceramics on the floor

    2 Floor, decorated with a decking terrace is also great for creating an open design. It is lightweight, durable, has a small specific weight, good waterproofing performance. To protect the concrete screed from damaging effects, you can simply paint the floor with moisture-resistant paint to perform outdoor work. This coating will retain its quality for 3-4 years. However, if you want to warm with time, choose other materials.

    Making terraced decking

    Some believe that in the interior open can be used as a floor covering linoleum. But, to pin high hopes on him is not worth it. Over time, linoleum will deteriorate due to poor waterproofing. Return to the menu ↑

    Features of wall decoration

    For the initial treatment of the walls used primer mixtures. They need to pick up for finishing. Then the primer will increase the strength, adhesive properties of the surfaces.

    Primer selection

    It is worth noting that for the decoration of the walls, materials with a long operational period, resistant to pollution, high humidity, temperature extremes and drying, are used. Depending on preferences, as well as on the planned design in the interior can be used:

    1 atmospheric paint and varnish materials; 2 decorative plaster containing components against shrinkage and cracking on the surface;

    Decorative plaster for surface coating

    3 ceramic granite is distinguished by a high degree of resistance to temperature extremes and precipitation (however, this material is cold, therefore, when choosing it, it is worthwhile to pre-insulate the walls); 4 wagon siding due to operational characteristics are options for arranging open spaces.

    Lining - the best option arrangement

    For many design options for the design of the walls, you can use an imitation of natural stone. Such a coating is worth a lot, laying it more difficult than ceramic tiles. However, the interior of the balconies, the walls of which are lined with this material, always look stylish.

    Stylish interior, made with artificial stone

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    Design Tips

    In most cases, an open-type balcony is used as a cozy corner for relaxation or a pleasant summer tea party. Create a comfortable atmosphere in this case will help the design in the style of Provence or Country. Eco-trends are no less relevant.

    Provence style

    When creating an interior design, the main emphasis should be placed on muted, light shades. For example, it may be white, shades of beige, olive, lemon, green, blue, orange or lavender. They will fill the decorated area with romance, home warmth.

    Based on the size, you can choose forged forged, wicker or folding table, chairs. It is also worth finding a place for a cozy chair or a small sofa. Garden lanterns, candles in beautiful candlesticks, plaid, throw pillows will make this corner even more comfortable.

    Use of forged and folding tables

    A great way to decorate the interior of balconies - the use of living space. Exquisite decoration on the inner walls of the balcony can be baskets with ampelous plants, or pots with lianas. In baskets or boxes placed along the railing, ampelous geranium, petunia, and dichondra look beautiful.

    Beautiful live plants

    If you plant climbing plants in a box and install vertical grids or supports - you can create a flower screen. This design technique will help to hide from prying eyes, will create a feeling of complete privacy. For screens, you can use ipomoea, winding nasturtium or kobeyu.

    Curling screen

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    Registration of the closed balcony

    Even first, the design of the interior, you need to decide whether it will be used only in summer or in all seasons. But even if it is decided that here you are going to spend time only during the warm period of the year - it will take some effort to prepare all surfaces for further design.

    We direct all efforts to create a beautiful interior.

    For example, the floor of a summer balcony at first is to be insulated with two layers of insulating materials. Then lags are placed and aligned on this surface, and plywood or a board with grooves is used as a subfloor. Only after that the main covering keeps within.

    We direct all efforts to create a beautiful interior.

    In the interior of the closed floor you can use:

    1Linoleum - a simple version in styling, care, which has many variations of colors, colors (from imitation of a stone, ending with abstract drawings or imitation of mosaic on a tree);

    Simple styling linoleum

    Two sophisticated design options make it difficult to do without a parquet board, which is characterized by durability, high resistance to abrasion, but it must be borne in mind that this material is rather expensive; 3 To imitate parquet, laminate can be used as a floor covering, 33 class;

    The floor should be strong and durable.

    4vovrolin is a flooring option if moderately warmed balcony will be made out, used as a working zone or a recreation area.

    If you plan for all-season use, planning its design, you should think about an additional heating system. When working on the arrangement of floor heating will have to adjust the interior, providing for the laying of ceramic tiles or laminate.

    Planning an additional heating system

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    What materials to choose for wall decoration

    The choice of materials depends on the general idea of ​​the room, as well as on the characteristics of its use. The leading positions are occupied by wood, PVC and MDF panels, cork covering, painting, imitation of natural stone and decorative plaster. If the walls are not completely smooth - at registration, choose drywall, which can then be covered with paint or textured plaster, or pasted over with wallpaper.

    PVC finishing panels

    Charm design of a closed balcony gives a combination of several types of finishing materials. A universal option is the use of imitation stone in combination with textured plaster. With their help, you can create interiors of almost any direction.

    The combination of stone and plaster

    One of the popular design options: plaster is used as the base, and the corners and a certain part of the wall are decorated with imitation of brick, cobblestone or slate. Using these textures can be achieved in the interior of the effect of city streets, mountain landscapes or the peaceful atmosphere of the Mediterranean style.

    Interesting design idea

    Do not be afraid to experiment with materials, creating a closed interior. In various stylistic decisions, for example, plaster can be combined not only with imitation of a stone, but also with painting, cork coating and other materials. Return to menu return to menu

    Design techniques for organizing space

    Creating a full-fledged and functional environment on several square meters, you will have to combine different techniques. For example, the use of light colors, the presence of mirror, glass and glossy surfaces will help to visually expand the space. In order to free up the floor as much as possible, you will have to take care of installing compact (preferably folding or transforming) furniture, attaching shelves and consoles to the walls.

    Compact and comfortable furniture

    It is also necessary to take into account that for each application there are different methods:

    1If it will be a dining room or a place for tea drinking, be sure to find a place for a table. The width of some loggias allows you to install compact models. If this is not possible, expand the sill console, install a bar counter or a folding table, complementing the interior with high chairs.

    Find a place for the table

    2When creating a reading corner design, you can single out one wall for a full bookcase. Pick up an easy chair or a compact sofa with large cushions, and also take care of several sources of additional lighting. 3. When you plan to organize a study or a workshop on a closed balcony, a small console can become the work surface. Equip a few hanging shelves or niches, put a comfortable adjustable chair.

    Making a cozy corner

    4 Even the smallest balcony can be turned into a corner for sports, if you install a wall and a treadmill there or return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Stylish accents

    To the interior did not look impersonal, it is extremely important to supplement it with spectacular details. For example, decorate one of the walls in a contrasting color or decorate it with unusual texture materials: decorative pebbles, shells, bamboo or straws.

    We decorate one wall

    Make the design unique and most comfortable will help:

    • replacement of ordinary glass tinted, stained glass, the use of products with photo printing or laser engraving;
    • original lamps;
    • plants in unusual pots, baskets or pots;
    • wall panels;
    • bright, voluminous floor cushions;
    • small stylish rugs;
    • decorative compositions in flat pots;
    • miniature Japanese garden of pebbles and moss.

    Miniature garden for relaxation

    Attention in the development of interior design deserve curtains, because without creating a shadow, direct sunlight will interfere and tire.

    1 For a small or narrow one on the north side, you can pick up blinds or translucent monochromatic curtains of pastel shades. 2. If you are located on the south side, curtains of denser fabrics (Jacquard, brocade, satin) should be preferred. The interior of which is designed in Oriental style on a large loggia. 4 If you want the curtains to be stylish, but neutral - pay attention to bamboo, roller or Japanese curtains.

    Comfortable Roman Blinds

    Even such a small space as a balcony can be turned into a cozy corner for relaxing and drinking tea, working or reading your favorite books. Experiment, and you will definitely get a beautiful, interesting interior.

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